Power Generation

Power Generation ComponentsSteloy Castings has solidified its leadership in the production of precision high pressure castings for use in major power generation components and nuclear power plants in the energy sector. We have the advanced technology and know-how required to produce critical components and industrial castings for heat, wear and corrosion resistant applications, particularly in the generation and handling of steam.

Our extensive expertise and technical knowledge working with high temperature, creep resistant materials, including stainless, super alloys and carbon steels, ensures that we are able to satisfy the high demands expected in terms of performance, quality and documentation.

Components for boilers and heaters range from furnace tubes, burners and grids to pump casings, housings and impellers, while the main components for the handling of steam are valve bodies, pump casings, bodies and impellers, primarily for condensation management.

Supplying to major OEMs  in the industry, Steloy offers higher degrees of efficiency for pump assemblies to cater for technically complex and demanding applications and high cycle use. The Steloy casting process enables the design and manufacture of safety critical components, using high integrity moulding methods that ensure the production of consistent castings that eliminate the risk of failure and greatly enhances the primary systems of power plants.

Typical cast components and their material specifications are:

  • Burner nozzles, cast in heat resistant Cr-Ni alloys such as ASTM A297
  • Furnace tubes, in heat resistant  Cr-Ni alloys such as ASTM A608 HK40
  • Wear resistant grids, in BS 3100 gr.BW 3
  • Pump casings, in stainless steel CF8M according to ASTM A734
  • Pump impellers, in stainless steel (17-4PH ) ASTM A747 CB7Cu-1
  • Valve Bodies, in Cr-Mo Steel  ASTM A217 WC9, and
  • General engineering components in Nodular Iron and Flake Graphite Irons.

Our solutions for the Power Generation industry

Pump & Valve Castings

Produced in a variety of high quality stainless steels, nickel-based corrosion resistant alloys, carbon steels and low alloys, our range of pump components include volute and stage casings, covers, impellers and bowls, while our valve range comprises valve bodies, balls, butterflies and bell mouths.

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News updates

World-class Valves from Local Manufacturers Calls for World-Class Quality Castings

Changes are abound in the valve industry as the formation of The Valve and Actuator Manufacturers’ Cluster of South Africa (VAMCOSA) gears up to provide significant demand prospects for local manufacturers. However, with great promise comes great responsibility, and local valve manufacturing companies need to step up to the plate to produce world-class valves that are able to compete with imported products.

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About Us

Established in 1984, Steloy Castings ranks as one of the most advanced specialist foundries in South Africa, supplying static and centrifugally cast high-alloy components to customers across the globe.


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