The international exposure and the exposure of local pump companies to international contractors is bringing pressure on pump companies to supply products that adhere to the expected specifications and criteria”, says specialist foundry group Steloy Castings.

Understanding the factors that play a role in the performance of a pump is key to ensuring the product manufactured is in alignment with the needs and standards as dictated by the industry. According to Steloy CEO Danie Slabbert many factors play a role in the performance of a pump and the local pump industry is well equipped and highly professional. Many concerns operate and produce according to the requirements of their international principles.

One of the factors that play an important role in achieving the required performance curves of pumps is the quality of castings. Slabbert further elaborates on the factors that determine the quality of a casting

  • Surface finish
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Volumetric integrity
  • Well-formed hydraulic chambers, amongst others

Foundries supplying the pump industry more and more comes under pressure not only to supply castings to pump manufacturers to ensure and enhance the performance of pumps, but also to ensure aesthetic appearance of the products.

Foundry technology used to ensure a pleasant aesthetic appearance include core making technology, moulding technology, painting technology and feeding technology.

Danie adds that “Steloy Castings for 30 years have been at the forefront in core making, moulding, metallurgy and materials engineering, feeding wit Magmasoft simulation as well as finishing and polishing".

Having been at the forefront of the foundry industry for 30 years, Steloy is well positioned as a leader in servicing the specialist pumps sector. Slabbert elaborates on Steloy’s position as leaders “our position as leaders in the foundry industry is complemented by our ISO: 9001 accreditation since 1991”. "Furthermore Steloy Castings is the only South African based foundry to have a European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC accreditation, ratified by TÜV Rheinland placing Steloy in an ideal position to operate in the European market”. “More recently we have been audited for both ISO 18000: Occupational Health & Safety Management System and ISO 14000: Environmental Management System and expect to be listed for both accreditations within a month”.

Steloy Castings training and systems approach supports the world-class service Steloy Castings is able to provide pump manufacturers”, Slabbert concludes.

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Established in 1984, Steloy Castings ranks as one of the most advanced specialist foundries in South Africa, supplying static and centrifugally cast high-alloy components to customers across the globe.


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