Stainless Steel Industry Calls for World-Class Quality Castings

For almost half a century, The South African Stainless Steel Development Association (SASSDA) has actively promoted the growth and development of the stainless steel industry in South Africa. However, as competition from imports continues to threaten the industry, SASSDA has shifted their focus to include initiatives that will aim to provide significant demand prospects for local manufacturers.


The South African Stainless Steel industry has faced many challenges over the past few years as a result of the higher quality and affordability that imported products often provide. In an attempt to turn the industry around and promote the growth of locally sourced stainless steel products, SASSDA has developed a strategy to address the current challenges affecting the industry. While this may open up new opportunities for local manufacturers, the pressure is on to step up to the plate and produce world-class products that are able to compete with imported alternatives.

Part and parcel of SASSDA’s goal to reinvigorate the stainless steel sector involves promoting the improvement of the resources and technology used by manufacturers of stainless steel. Reasons that have led to the drop in past stainless steel production figures include plant and equipment failures which have resulted in substandard stainless steel products entering the market.

Now more than ever, local manufacturers need to seek out the support of a well-established foundry for the supply of raw castings. As an established South African foundry and material supplier, Steloy Castings is able to produce heat resistant casting for fired heaters. The product range, which consists of centrifugally cast tubes and pipes as well as sand-mould castings, makes provision for applications in heaters and heat exchangers, steel manufacturing infrastructure and heat treatment plants and equipment. Modern production methods and advanced technologies has put Steloy in the position to offer castings of the highest standard and integrity, and  ISO 9001 accredited facilities provides the added assurance of superior quality and product integrity.

Over 25 years of experience in the valve industry has put Steloy in a good position to provide the customer support and an understanding of the product requirements and specifications expected from globally competitive companies. This and other specialist competencies goes a long way to improving Steloy’s capacity for providing quality, delivery, fast reaction times and overall service excellence, which is invaluable when it comes to providing the cost effectiveness and time saving that the South African valve industry needs to grow.

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