Steloy Castings: Ahead of the Technological Game

The advent of metal castings was an integral development in the advancement of human civilisation to form the backbone of infrastructure as we now know it. Casting components often account for up to 70% of products supplied to the mining, energy and other sectors that have a great impact on the economy. Today, the foundry industry continues to evolve as new technologies are employed to meet demands for higher-integrity, higher-performance components.

As a leading name in specialist foundries for over 28 years, Steloy prides themselves on consistently pushing the boundaries of new technologies in order to supply pump castings of improved quality both locally and internationally, thus meeting the application and quality requirements of customers who manufacture products according to exacting international specifications.

An on-going investment in Research and Development to acquire the latest technology and modern production methods gives Steloy the ability to develop specialist alloys for specific pump applications within reasonable timeframes. The result of these efforts is that Steloy is able to reduce the take-to-market lead time for a first-of-its-kind casting, allowing customers to provide quicker turnaround times while still producing products that are on par with the level of superior quality that supersedes industry expectations.

According to Slabbert, “Well-structured and well-manned Quality Assurance and Quality Control measures supported by excellent production, control and technology are how Steloy is able to ensure quality products on time.”

The addition of the powerful simulation tool, MAGMASOFT®, has also put Steloy even further ahead of the game. MAGMASOFT allows users to simulate the casting process from beginning to end without the initial outlay for raw or special materials.  Its simulation capabilities allows Steloy to not only determine casting integrity but also predict certain quality levels when developing the high-alloy and highly specialised castings that Steloy is renowned for.

This and other revolutionary technologies employed by Steloy goes a long way to improving their capacity for providing quality, delivery, fast reaction times and overall service excellence, which is invaluable when it comes to cost effectiveness and time saving. Add to that advanced CNC Pattern Making equipment and you are given an indication of just some of the ways that Steloy is committed to staying ahead of the game in terms of technological advances.  

About Us

Established in 1984, Steloy Castings ranks as one of the most advanced specialist foundries in South Africa, supplying static and centrifugally cast high-alloy components to customers across the globe.


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