Safety, Compliance and the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

The process of producing petrochemicals involves specialised pressure equipment regulations and systems, including pressure vessels, piping and associated equipment, in order to handle hazardous materials safely. These types of equipment often operate over a wide range of high pressures at extreme temperatures and in harsh environments.

Experience has taught us that with extreme conditions comes a certain level of hazard, and the consequences of component failure could be catastrophic, resulting in expensive damage and loss in terms of human life and property. It is clear, therefore, that the design and construction of pressure equipment needs to take into account stringent quality and safety requirements to prevent such catastrophic failures from occurring.

The European Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC) was adopted by the European Parliament and the European Council in May 1997. PED applies to the design, manufacture and conformity assessment of pressure equipment as well as the assemblies of pressure equipment. The main objective of the PED is to provide a framework based on the hazard presented by the equipment due to pressure danger and stipulates that all components with service pressures that exceed 0,5 bar must meet specific safety parameters.

Over the years, Steloy Castings has made a name for themselves as a global supplier of high-alloy steel components both locally and internationally. Steloy has effectively built on its established SABS and TUV accreditation, further enhancing its mandate for high quality and service excellence by not only conforming to stringent quality assurance requirements necessitated by the oil refinery and petrochemical industry, but also conforming to the standards set out by the PED.

As a the first South African PED-certified foundry and material supplier, Steloy is accredited to produce castings in materials that include carbon, low-alloy steels and stainless steels to manufacturers of pressure vessels for sale into the European common marketing. Being qualified to produce PED-class castings allows pressure equipment manufacturers to attach the coveted CE (Conformite Europeene) mark to each item of pressure equipment and experience significant time and cost savings associated with third-party inspection to ensure the verification of materials.

It can therefore be said that Steloy Casting’s superior quality standard of casting components comes with the assurance of product integrity and strength, giving clients peace of mind in terms of their investment as well as the safety and accreditation of the final product that they manufacture for their customers.

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