Steloy offers the only centrifugally cast tubing solutions for the Southern Hemisphere

For over 25 years, the driving force behind Steloy’s continued success has always been our uncompromised commitment to quality and service. However, it is also our unique product offerings that have set us far ahead of the game, further strengthening our position as the leading name in casting solutions. One of Steloy’s most specialised casting processes includes centrifugally cast or spun cast tubes. Being the only foundry in the Southern Hemisphere to offer this solution, Steloy has literally cast their name in stone as the leading casting company in this part of the world in terms of innovation and product offering.

Primarily used in the petrochemical industry, spun cast tubing is designed and manufactured to withstand the enormous pressure and exceedingly high temperatures that come with the chemical processes associated with this industry. The two major benefits of casting tubes this way is that they are virtually creep free because the centrifugal force literally ‘squeezes’ molten metal into shrinkage voids as they are formed, resulting in castings that are very dense, especially when compared to static castings. The second major benefit is that there is a secondary refining process. When the centrifugal force spins the more dense material, the metal, to the outside diameter of the molten casting, the less dense material, the non-metallics, spin preferentially to the centre of the tube. These non-metallics can then be easily removed in subsequent machining operations, leaving a very clean, very dense end product.

Steloy Castings has an international footprint in the castings industry too, particularly when time is of the essence for a project. Steloy’s unrivalled turnaround time was a major factor when the OnQuest refinery, based in California, experienced a major breakdown and all of the companies they consulted with offered them an 18 month project lead time. Steloy managed to design, manufacture and deliver the centrifugally cast tubing needed within 10 weeks, which resulted in very limited down time for the refinery, thus minimising profit loss.

Steloy Casting’s superior quality standard of spun cast tubing comes with the assurance of a minimum of 100 000 hours or 11 years of product integrity and strength, giving their clients peace of mind in terms of their investment as well as safety. Add to this Steloy’s unrivalled project lead times, and you have a company which can offer you hands-on casting solutions to meet your every need.

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Established in 1984, Steloy Castings ranks as one of the most advanced specialist foundries in South Africa, supplying static and centrifugally cast high-alloy components to customers across the globe.


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