As the most advanced foundry group in South Africa, Steloy Castings operates three manufacturing plalnts as well as a specialist finishing, polishing and fabrication shop. Our combined floor space spans across 24,500m², which allows for a production capacity of over 5,300 tons per annum. At Steloy Castings, we produce sand casting products from 0.5kg to 3,500kg as well as centrifugally cast tubes from 40kg to 2,200kg. These tubes can be up to 830mm in diameter and up to 5,500mm in length.

All three of our manufacturing plants are certified for and implement the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

Cobalt Street, Bronkhorstspruit

Capacity:  1,000 tons per annum

Personnel: 180

Our Cobalt Street facility produces static castings in stainless steel and high alloy metals for the petrochemical, pump and valve, pulp and paper, steel, and cement industries. Our cutting-edge equipment and technical capabilities enable the production of sand castings ranging from 0.5kg to 2,000kg.

Equipment & Capabilities:

  • CNC Pattern Making
  • Induction Furnaces
  • Core Making
  • Roller Track Handling
  • Floor Moulding
  • Shake Out
  • Fettling
  • In-house Heat Treatment
  • Pattern Storage

Chamdor, Krugersdorp

Capacity: 1,950 tons per annum

Personnel: 150

Our Chamdor facility specialises in the production of static and spun cast tubes in stainless steel, high temperature steel and high alloy steels specifically for the petrochemical sector. The core of the facility consists of a fully equipped spun cast tube manufacturing plant and in-house pull boring and machining facilities.

From this plant, we are able to produce sand castings from 0.5kg to 2,400kg and centrifugally cast tubes can be supplied in as-cast, partially machined and fully machined conditions.

Equipment & Capabilities:

  • Statics Casting
  • Roller Track Mould Handling
  • Floor Moulding
  • Die Storage
  • Furnaces
  • Cast Stanchion Assemblies
  • Furnace Rolls
  • Spun Casting
  • Pull Bore Facilities

Tungsten Street, Bronkhorstspruit

Capacity: 2,400 tons per annum

Personnel: 130

Founded in 1990, Steloy Castings’ Tungsten Street facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to produce a full range of cast iron, SG iron, nickel iron and a variety of carbon steel castings for the railway, ferro alloy, pump and valve and petrochemical industries. This fully-equipped facility allows for the semi-automated mass production of castings from 2kg to 50kg and three resin bonded moulding lines – light, medium and floor – for castings from 2kg to 2,200kg.  

Equipment & Capabilities:

  • Induction Furnaces
  • Moulding Facilities
  • Shell Moulding
  • In-house Heat Treatment
  • CNC Pattern Making
  • ARL Emission Spectrometer

Manganese Street, Bronkhorstspruit

Personnel: 80

Our Manganese Street facility comprises a 4,500m² finishing, polishing and fabrication facility, which is dedicated to the certification of all castings with higher quality control input and quality control plans (QCPs).

Most projects and items for the petrochemical industry are channelled through Manganese Street, where experienced staff can manage the various projects in detail as well as finalise items to the highest standards required while producing final documentation and data books.

Equipment & Capabilities:

  • Specialist Finishing Facility
  • Dedicated QC Personnel
  • Dedicated Welders & Welding Machines
  • RT Facility
  • LP Facility
  • UT Equipment
  • Tube Plasma Cutting Equipment
  • Tensile Tester

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About Us

Established in 1984, Steloy Castings ranks as one of the most advanced specialist foundries in South Africa, supplying static and centrifugally cast high-alloy components to customers across the globe.


Head Office:
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South Africa
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